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Text Messaging
                     just got a whole lot easier...

Pricing as low as 1 penny per message!
Inbound text messages are FREE.
Easy-to-use web mail interface.

How does our software work?
UTexting allows you to send text messages quickly and easily for as little as a penny each. Our intuitive web mail interface lets you easily upload and edit lists of contact numbers which can then be selected for messaging campaigns. Simply select a contact list, write your text or voice message and send! Check your inbox for replies.
Text messaging is an easy, cost-effective way to quickly disseminate information to large groups, such as customers, team members, etc. With open rates greater than 95% and response rates up to 10x greater than email, the choice is easy!
How do I get started?
To get started, sign up for an account and receive a one month free subscription to our service and 25 free credits for testing. Try our service and see how easy and affordable text messaging can be!
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